0.05% value liquid fee to Value Vault farm?

The Value Liquid is doing good with $10M volume in a week timespan

So i am thinking off, instead of buying back VALUE and redistribute with the 0.05% fee
Maybe its time to showcase our ART OF FARMING VAULT with the collected fee

-It increase TVL of vault
-Showcase of how efficient our vault is
-Better ROI in return

How would it work out?
Lets say $10M volume is traded
0.05% would result a $5000 fee

$5000 will then move to the best Vault for farming
It will farm yield, sell back to respective pairs, and compound
Once the fee vault reached respective amount perhaps $1M-$10M
Crops will then split into 50/50% where
-50% goes back to compounding
-50% as reward towards VALUE staker
If there’s a 20eth in the reward pool, you will get based on
20 eth* X(Amount of VALUE stake)/Total Value Stake

This ensure the long lasting cashflows and a good use of the 0.05% fee
Perhaps there might not be an instant effect but in the long run
The vault itself gonna be gold and instead of 6.7% fees off profit
This is a 100% VALUE stakers own vault


So you are saying instead of immediate redistribution, we would place in the vault for a period of time or a certain goal, and then distribute?

I mean, we also can distribute earnings directly back to users which then they can place into the vaults.

It may be a lot of time before people see the rewards that will attract them to participating in our ecosystem.

Seems like a long period of delayed gratification - would it be worth it?


Instead of distribute immediately, it will be use to farm and create our own Value Yield Vault
One reason to not distribute direct and ask the user to place back itself is because that would result everyone to pay additional gas fee for it

But yeah, it will take a long period to show something out of the value
However it will definitely perform in long run because of how compounding and auto farm switching i guess