A flaw in the system

There is a flaw in the system that causes this endless downward slop in YFV price.
Does one need to buy YFV except for staking into the governance vault?
Where do all the YFV on the market come from?
You have to do something quick. You are draining yourself from your own life blood.
YFV need to stay in the system!!! At least most of it

First thing is close all the pools you don’t need YFV for staking !!!
What you are basically doing is attracting other token and exchange them for Yfv which then will be sold.
May be you can turn this around. But I don’t even think that you guys are understanding what I’m taking about.

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I support this proposal 100%. The value of YFV must be considered。

Nothing will happen anyway. Should have put my money in YFI. Let’s call it dead in the water.
There is no understanding of financials here. I have never lost so much money in such a short time.