An other type of POOL / Vault

Proposal: Don’t know if this is technically possible. I would like to see a vault or pool where I can Stake my Value and get another coin as reward. ( BTC, ETH,LINK etc. )
The reason is this kind of vault/ pool would place Value in front of other coins inclusive Bitcoin and everyone would want to hold Value long term and this would increase the Value price immensely. People would want to hold Value while selling all the other coins. NO VALUE AS REWARD.
The way you do it right now seems to be upside down for Value. ( to me )


I really like this idea. I think there are a lot of people who want long term VALUE exposure but would prefer to earn other currencies passively. If this is possible, (I have no clue) another reason for people to lock up their funds would be amazing.

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Thanks . Yes it’s really important . Without a reason for hodling value this projekt won’t last long. GOV Vault is not enough. Besides accumulating BTC, LTC for holding Value feels really good. Let’s see what happens.

I don’t see why this would not be possible. It would be the same vault tech, just the token/currency that is purchased each day with farmed rewards would be the target currency instead of the deposited currency. The only challenge is if you put in VALUE, very few places will farm value. having the vaults convert to something else to farm is an issue as you always need the deposited asset available for whenever users want to withdraw. I assume it could be figured out, but would be above and beyond what the current production vaults do.

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Would be very exiting to see that happening.