Comments on upcoming VIP Vote

Referencing this medium article by the team

The team is planning to put forward a vote with respect to rescue of remaining funds.

Option 1: Keep the v1 staking pool as it is now, burning it at the next epoch in 6 days (burning it now is technically impossible).

Option 2. Leave the v1 staking pool running for an additional epoch until 14-Sep. Option 2 has 2 effects:

  • Lightens the burden on the dev team for compensation (as it is offset by claimed rewards).
  • Takes account the vesting period for the dev team, hence further lightening the burden.

I will be casting my vote for Option 2, as it produces a lighter burden on the dev team and they have already gone above and beyond to work with the community at large and help the trapped pool participants. I hope the other trapped pool participants will vote similarly to show our appreciation for the dev team’s efforts.


I will vote for option 2. It is WIN-WIN for farmers(don’t have to wait for months before Dev get fund unlocked to compensate farmers) and Dev team(save times), at the same time doest not increase the supply of tokens.


Yep, I am in on that.

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Comments on upcoming VIP Vote Can consider QCash

Absolutely correct. 2 it is. All the way. Hopefully the voters won’t have the same silliness on the vip2 vote where they cut rewards and put an entry ticket of :100: Yfv to get in completely shutting down the perfection that was vip1 before they vote such horrible votes. Let’s all do 2 now, hopefully… So at least one gets right. :sweat_smile:

so i went to swap a couple YFV token to eth on uniswap. first i had to approve that uniswap could access my YFV this cost about 10usd in gas but wont succeed. its been over 7 hours i have tried increasing gas and have successfully sent etherium since but it is pending and causing all transactions to que. what is wrong does anyone know? i bought the tokens yesterday. are my tokens locked or something? please can someone assist
many thanks

Yes if u have pending transactions one or too many they will get stuck. U must be able to see that on your wallet. I could check if u put your wallet here. But I can’t fix it for u. I can’t just diagnose it. If that the case and u have stuck pending transactions… U must find the source and cancel them. Manually one by one. Might be an intermediate to advanced throng to do. But it’s quite simple if u get the hang of it. Try and Google or on metamask search for how to cancel transactions on metamask. U will need to go to each hash. Find the source if the transaction… Before it gets a new number called “nonce” and edit it manually… Send yourself 0eth 0usd (empty transaction) but pay the TX fee… Which will actually cost very little 5usd or less. Each. But you might have tk do it many times. And you might wanna pay the fast one since they are all low. So you could potentially fix this in 30min to 1h max. Fixed 57 pending transactions in 1h.and once 35 in really depends. Cause sometime u cancel one… And they fix 3 or 4 at once… So it’s not needed to cancel all of them but u gotta go one by one and know what u are doing. Using the wrong nonce might lose your funds! So beware.