Dear YFV Team, I have a few concerns regarding the $735,000/w Dev. Funds. Can you please clarify a few questions?

Dear YFV Team ,

I have a few questions on the Dev+MKT allocation from

Dev. Reward = money that can be spent on anything (cars, trips). It’s personal money.
Dev. Fund = money that has to be used to maintain and expand the Business/Protocol (integrations, salaries, partnerships, marketing). It’s the company’s money.

The article states that 29,400YFV per week will be assigned to Dev + MKT.

  • Can you please confirm if this money is Dev. Reward or Dev. Fund, or both? If both, what % is Dev. Fund?

29,400 YFV at $25/YFV is a very large amount -> $735,000. Per week. The project launched on Aug 17 2020, 4 weeks ago, that means 117,600 YFV was allocated to Dev+MKT already. I assume the 7% will continue with VALUE, and 7% of 2,370,000 is 165,900. Thus, you will get 117,600 YFV (week 1-4) + 29400 YFV (week 5) + 165,900 VALUE = 312,900 YFV/VALUE ($7,822,500 at $25). 312,900 is 4.8% of 6,427,000 (total supply of YFV/VALUE).

  • Looks like you will control 4.8% of the max supply with 312,900 coins. Can you please confirm if these calculations are roughly correct?

If this amount is a Dev Reward:

  • What assurances can you give to the community that you will continue to work on YFV/VALUE after this payment ends?
  • How will the bills be paid (servers, developers, integrations) in the future?

If it is a Dev Fund:

  • Can the community have visibility or know roughly how it will be managed?

I am sorry to ask and I don’t mean to offend…

  • What assurances can you give that you will not dump on us?
  • What assurances can you give that you will continue to work on YFV after the vested period ends?
  • Is it possible to have it organized in a way that you are unable to dump on us, where trust is unnecessary?

Thank you for your answers.


Yeah id like clarification on this too please


Let the administration be transparent and tell us those details. It doesn’t matter if Devs take your pay, they have worked very hard and make this happen, but it would be useful to know how much % they take, how it is used.

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well i hope the project is profitable for them aslong as it is for us too near the bottom. things will pick up soon im sure of it, this is no hype clown coin its a new idea which could go very very far.

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I hope they put some more of it into marketing! But I would be glad to hear them say that; don’t forget those funds most likely pay for the audits and the devs computers that are coding everything! If they don’t have money to pay for these things the project is dead.

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Can team make some clarification on this please?

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