DIA as a defi specific oracle

I know we were talking about oracle’s a little while ago, but I haven’t heard of one being chosen yet specifically.
I think DIA is new, and is about to bring a lot of hype now that they have been chosen as an oracle for CREAM.FINANCE.
I noticed it seems they are Defi specific, an oracle created just for decentralized finance protocols. If we aren’t looking at them already, maybe we should be.

If this project wants to be successful, Chainlink would be the only oracle solution I’d go for. Not only is it a trusted name, the LINK community would be like a free marketing campaign alone. Why go with an unknown oracle solution when you can kill two birds with one stone going with Chainlink?


yea the least amount of uncertainty the better and chainlink certainly has alot of solid backing.

Totally this, besides being the most reliable solution, the mere fact of a tweet from chainlink mentioning us would be a great confidence boost to the project.

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We don’t need a oracle. Stop trying to do buzz words.