FaaS, Remaining Emissions and Lock and Boost

Was waiting on development to be public and the community able to digest what has been released from the most recent products like FaaS and as always I think of how to get more “value” for the Gov Vault and the stakers. Part of this post will have to be saved for a part II follow up and something of it’s own. We are running low on Value emissions so let me propose the following:

FaaS Coalition - Community ran extension to allow the Coalition to be a 1st layer check on not only a whitelisted project but all projects starting FaaS pools. Here is a quote from ( https://valuedefi.medium.com/ytru-incident-and-faas-improvement-45219006c81e ) “In addition, we will be implementing a Trust Score, which will be a combination of many factors such as Technical Score, Business Score, and Community Score. Details of Trust Score will be explained in a separate article”. If the change to all FaaS pools will commit to a .05-1% claim fee on all rewards, then the Coalition could employ and pay for itself with quality technicians from our community. The bigger % that is not being paid to the Coalition for their services then goes to the Lock and Boost which is up next. Members from the Coalition to help ensure quality and or trust from a project meets their criteria for a higher score or risk level can be a multi sig holder for time lock contracts. This acts as a Guarantor and shows the project is willing to become decentralized. Also here is another security net which allows the team adding FaaS pools will have a public vesting period schedule etc that is easily accessible https://team.finance/
This FaaS Coalition will be saved for a part II and follow up if sentiment is there or idea is approved.

Lock and Boost was briefly mentioned and talked about so here is the main part of this proposal with the remaining emissions around 400,000 time is ticking and those rewards must be used effectively for important uses for the system. As an extension of the Gov Vault these steps or actions should be considered:

  1. Locking Value up for a 2-3 month period for a Boost in Rewards

  2. FaaS pool % claim fee on all rewards convert to WETH as a 2nd token for distribution

  3. The remaining emissions around 400,000 or majority is for those who are committing a long term lock up and rewards those who have been loyal and will most likely be loyal for just a while longer

  4. This will only work if this Lock will include the ability to vote, receive all benefits of Gov Vault and its income as well as the auto compounding gvValue.

This would drive more locking and buying of Value while our products are picking up steam on all fronts. Uni farming ends less than a week and we should have a place for them. What better than a lock and boost to advertise a higher APY for holding our token during this massive transition happening soon.



I think this is a good proposal. And adding utility like margin trade and 8implement a secend layer solution to save on gas price will add more benifit to the value ecosystem.

I really liked the lock&boost + auto compounding ideas. Good proposal!

I think this is a great idea, locking tokens and rewarding loyalty is the best way to distribute what’s left!