Flash Staking with Value

Today I stumble unpon a project called Unilayer (layer) and found something very interesting that YFV value can look into. This is called flash staking.

Flash staking is a new reward model designed to promote trading activity of a token, increase the token value over time, and to reward stakers in the process. Stakers are rewarded the full reward amount instantly upon staking and locking up their value as collateral – this in term give value to Value. With YFV value now having their own dex, this will also increase trading activities that lead to more benefit for holder.

Flash loan is what gotten project like Aave to sky rocket in the top 50. Hopefully with flash staking, can propel YFV value as well.

On the side note, i havent done too much reseaerch on this and im not sure if it is even possible for YFV value to implemented it. Just want to bring up the idea foe thw community to comment it on.

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