For the Love of God please require 15%+ of VALUE to use the Vault

When the Vaults come out of beta I think I can speak for all the people losing their asses (Value wise) holding YFV, including the dev fund, when I say there has GOT to be a forced use case for the flagship vaults. The idea that somebody can currently throw 1,000+ WETH without holding a SINGLE YFV/VALUE is an absolute slap in the face. Not only that, but they were rewarded more $VALUE for blatantly taking advantage of this.

I understand we want liquidity, we NEED liquidity, but the APY should be enough of an incentive to HOLD some of the FREE YFV/VALUE that have been thrown at them this whole time. I hope its not too late to save the value of this amazing project. But you guys have GOT to start forcing use cases for YFV/VALUE if they want to use your project to make a single penny off holders/investors backs.

I feel like this should be voted on by the community, and seeing as how votes are weighted by holders, the whales that didn’t sell ALL of their free YFV/VALUE will have a pretty big say on the %. Hopefully this is blasted all over so all the HODLers who have pretty much turned off the notifications to anything YFV related will come vote. I say the higher the % the better. Enough is enough.


They have the option to weigh the votes by voting power based on how long you stake vs how much yfv/value you hold. It seems to vote based on actual stakes is the wiser choice so whales can’t take advatange.

Also, I think after Value emission ends then the Value Vault users will no longer receive Value token as a reward.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had YFV since before the launch to $80, that now holds 100% in VALUE. So the staking duration would have to be based on the pools? That won’t work either. This could have been done before the sloppy, disorganized, and poorly planned VALUE launch and migration started. Now its a mosh posh of holders at different times voting on things the original investors have seen first hand over the last month