From The FaaS Council Labs: Value HatchDeck

An idea/proposal for expanding the Value Ecosystem:

TLDR: Value HatchDeck, Value Foundry: Ideas as a Services (IaaS)

Requirements: Value FaaS, VL Routes, MVP UI, Upgradable SC with MVP mechanics, Seed ideas*


  • Buidling DAO community based projects within the framework of Startup Weekend* as a game.
  • Everything starts with an idea. Tokenised Ideas (Proof of Idea).
  • Buidl a token DAO “startup” in 54 hours.
  • % Promo Distribution of HATCH to existing VALUE/USDC, VALUE/vUSD pool.
  • User farms HATCH tokens.
  • Imagine the people who see high level ideas but don’t have enough resources, or current talent to bring it all into reality
  • The person or team submitting the idea can even opt to just vote themselves for an advisory role prior to founding.
  • It should be understood that any idea posted explains in some way how it can be tokenised.
  • Buidling tools for people to buidl tools

Rest of Doc Outline

  • Core Use Cases
  • Basic Tokenomics
  • Mechanics 1
  • Mechanics 2
  • Mechanics 3
  • Expansions
  • Seed Ideas
  • Meta Stuff 1
  • Donate/Tip
  • Meta Stuff 2

This is currently a living, evolving doc, so go here to read the full proposal:

Comments/thoughts, tips, team members welcomed.