Gov Gas Station

A pre-proposal for a Gov vote, for when vBond is fully repaid:

Redirect the fees that were allocated towards vBond to a Governance Gas Station to buy ETH and CHI.
Everyone staking in Gov then has access to even cheaper txns within Value ecosystem that’s proportional to the amount of Value staked in Gov.

Could be done using a shared proxy contract where the gas tokens reside and that contract checks to see how much user has staked in Gov and how much gas tokens avail to determine what % of gas tokens they can use for their txns.
Can enable future dynamics, such as txn scheduling, limit orders etc.
There maybe other simpler ways to do this.

Incentivises more/longer Gov staking.
Incentivises continued VD/VL usage.


Like that idea, but no need to cross reference gov vault staking and swaps. Part of swap fees already go to gov vault and since part of swap fees could/will be used to fuel the gas tank, CHI should be accessible for every ValueLiquid user


Yea, I agree with this, ideally the gas station should benefit all VL users. When I was typing up the OP, I was thinking along the lines of how to get more ppl using gov vault and by extension incentivise more proposal/voting activity to expand community engagement…
In that scenario of CHI being available to all VL users, then there would need to be some params set up so that all can equally/proportionally benefit when the tank station is filling up. Any suggestions on what these params should be?
eg. Alice is in gov staking, Madhatter is not. Both use VL. The gas station now has 100 CHI in the tank. Madhatter generally uses VL more and does more swaps than Alice. How would the params be to enable Alice to benefit from the tank when she’s ready to swap, but Madhatter ends up using most of the CHI from the tank? or should it be without params and just be a “first come first serve” scenario whenever there is CHI in the tank?