Help Needed - still not resolved

Hi. Help needed. On the YFV site, I was trying to join a KNC Balancer Pool. On Balancer, I converted some KNC into a BPT token. The BPT token was on my Metamask but not recognized by the Balancer pool for some reason. So I copied the Balancer Pool contract address and used Metamask to send the BPT to that pool address. The transaction went through according to Etherscan, but is not on Balancer or in my Metamask. Any suggestions?

refresh balancer pool page. you need the following :

  1. create proxy (gas fee)
  2. KNC (gas fee) + YFV (gas fee) to convert BPT

I refreshed, but my BPT would not appear on the Balancer site. The BPT was in my Metamask, but on Balancer under “MY Wallet” it was not listed. So I used the “send” function in Metamask and sent it to the contract address for the Kyber Pool on Balancer. But now it is gone from my Metamask and did not appear on the Balancer pool. This may be more of a Balancer question, but I was hoping that someone on here could help. Thanks again.

Did you try to import the pool adress into balancer?

No. Could you help me try that? I do not know how to do it, but it sounds promising.

Well i dont know if it works but since you have sent the funds directly to the pool its maybe worth a try. just take the balancer adress and add it in metamask as new token and check what happens…

That was a good suggestion, but unfortunately it did not work. I created a new custom token using the Balancer contract address. The token was created but with 0 BPT. But thank you very much.
Any other suggestions?

I don’t think you can send the BPT token straight to the pool address… How will you be able to retrieve the token afterwards?

Yes YFVfarmer, that is my question and my predicament. Is there any way for me to retrieve the token that was sent to the Kyber Pool Balancer contract address?

I did the same thing any luck get the tokens sent back?

No not yet. What about you?

Nope, let me know if you find anything out

Will do. And please let me know if you find someone who can help.

Any luck? People I talked to say it’s lost.

No luck here. What about you?