Impermanent loos

Guys, I have a concern and think that many have similar regarding this proposal…

Remind that I m not very experient but been the whole day researching about

So now we have in many pools 98/2 ratio and when I see the dumps my concern is losing all or great part of my principal of ETH or LINK. My question would not an increase in the ratio for 90/10 or even 75/25 make people more scared and in order to protect the asset go on and withdraw liquidity from the pools and dumping the YFV that they already farmed? creating a domino effect…

I found that in the format 98/2% you only start losing relly big after the asset 2% (YFV) loses 85% of its value… but when I know that it the point of -85% of the value…?

Please don’t get wrong I really like and support the project but if anyone has more info in impermanent loss specific for 98/2 % because I already ready most that are in other sites and youtube.

I started farming 1 YFV= 68 USD 0n the 1st Set. … or should I consider the time when the token start circulating around 4 USD?

Final question and most import for me… when it start the risk of losing all my 20 ETH lets say what price for YFV price to illustrate.

I agree that anything other than 98/2 is very risky. Personally I would not use any pools beyond that. You can follow the status of your assets in balancer by connecting your wallet at and clicking on Balancer. You can also estimate it with this tool

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