Liquid swap fees

I propose that the entire .3% of swap fees are used to buyback value. .25% of the value gets distributed to LP’s and .05% directly to gov vault stakers.

Value Liquid NEEDS to be built around the value token. LP rewards would be the same, only difference is that they are given value into their accounts. Would be simple to Make an easy User interface for LP’s to see their swap fee rewards in VALUE.

Using the full .3% for value buybacks TREMENDOUSLY increases buyback pressure for the token. When LP’s sell their rewards for whatever token they choose, it creates a full value circle. Increasing volume and generating even more fees.

This simple change would benefit value tokenomics much more and tbh I’m surprised it wasn’t already implemented.


In rwin22 we trust! I’m also supportive.


how would this prevent the LP from just dumping the Value into their preferred coin? just to generate more swap fees when they trade back to ETH or whatever?

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Yeah essentially we wouldn’t care if they sold the value for their preferred coin. It generates more volume and more fees.

Just creates more friction and uncertainty? If im an anon lp provider who doesnt know/care about ValueDefi, I just want to earn my $ as easily as possible. Dont make me jump through another hoop to have to sell my value tokens to $s. Just make it easy and minimal for me to join and bring you liquidity - this is just a barrier which will bring a small amount of $ extra to value holders in the short term but immediately put others off. Just another barrier to bringing lps here.

all of his proposals are like this, will only cause short term price hike, liquidity providers will run from such a system, and in the long term the ecosystem will suffer

Many of these YFV/VALUE holders only look at the token price because that’s what they hold. They don’t realize their token would go to zero if all the LP’s went elsewhere. They’re thinking of ways to pump the token but not ways to bring more LP’s. It’s all counterproductive if you ask me. I’ve been told to take a hike numerous times by certain people specifically in the Telegram group. These type of people are for #1 immature and #2 toxic to the whole community.