Longevity and Future of YFV

Hello all,
I am trying to understand how future demand of the YFV token will be created. After max supply is reached what will be the purpose besides governance for the token itself if any?
When it come to vUSD and vETH as I understand it they will be rewarded for staking WBTC, WETH etc. in the Vault once it goes live? Assuming this is correct wouldn’t that just create constant sell pressure for these tokens from people claiming and selling their rewards which then due to re-balancing would decrease the supply wich in turn would make rewards even less?
Why would anyone buy vUSD and vETH if we don’t give them a reason?
Perhaps there will be a pool for them as well?
Perhaps if somebody wants to stake wETH in the Vault they also need to deposit YFV along with it?
I would greatly appreciate some insight from those in the know…

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