Market Information

I suggest a total rebrand to value and provide total market clarity on supply and revenue for stakers.

  1. The market is confused with YFV and Value (I know its because of technical reasons) can we please make it simple. Circulating, allocated to farms, max supply.
  2. Any way for stakers to follow with a simple UI the amount of “value token” being bought back? Real-time Rev? Like a ticker? to monitor the real revenue coming in? Graph, ticker, counter? This can be added for each revenue stream, with a total amount each day. This should include arbitrage rev too
  3. Marketing, youtube, defi news listings.
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Value token is completely replacing YFV, eventually the only mention of YFV will be on a docs page explaining how you’d go about swapping it to VALUE so I wouldn’t be too concerned

Yes I’m confused too. I’m just investing and have not much technical understanding. What happens to YFV sitting idle in some walletts. If the price falls below 10,- this whole project is toast.

When you transfer your stakes, the contract will automatically replace YFV with VALUE and burn the YFV –– if you have YFV sitting on an exchange or in a wallet you can swap it 1:1 with VALUE on the “swap” page of the main YFV site

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Might I add, would be a good place to get listed too. Lots of users.

I don’t see what you mean there, the only ‘swap’ available is Balancer Swap and there is no VALUE coin available. I don’t see how to swap YFV in my wallet for VALUE token.

Yes, that is easy. You can swap in and out of YFV & VALUE on the website. My post is regarding what information has been given to the market. Having a lot of the supply burnt is a positive thing however I don’t think the market understands what’s going on because on Coingecko and CMC it all shows 12M coins.

My next point is for stakers to follow the buybacks, so investors and noobs can see that YFV “value” is being bought back.

3rd point is to get YouTubers and influencers onboard once the product(s) and rebrand are live.

We can move alot faster if they allow community partipation in all the FAQs, marketing and info.

The section where you swap YFV for VALUE is underneath the “wrap” button in the site’s nav bar.

No, you can’t right now. There isn’t enough VALUE liquidity…geez

Will Value replace YFV on exchanges completly? If yes what would be the total maximum supply ever created? This is still not clear. People need to see that on coin market cap etc.
Good to here Value vaults are coming up soon.
good job