Migrating to XDAI, to retain advantage in Swapping market

I as a member of value army want to suggest that we must migrate to X-DAI. It is a side chain complety compatible with ethereum and transaction is settled in just 2 cents when compared to UNISWAP/ VALUE.


We can use both XDAI AND ERC 20 bridge without any limitation and currently works flawlessly. Swapping can generate a significant revenue and with current TVL, we can leave behind any other compititor. In coming bull market, project with lower fee will attract significant attraction and revenue which will strengthen the core philosophy of value. And stakers, traders and holder see the value of this incredible protocol.

For reference I am attaching some of the comparisons between some of the scaling solution which dont stand a chance infront of XDAI. XDAI is cleverly built to takle the problem of unpredictable gas fee by introducing XDAI, a stable coin.



By reading above two article will make it clear it superiority over other scaling solution and ease of using OMINI and XDAI bridge makes it a clear winner.

Moreover, I would like to emphasis on the point that it is always the application that is more powerful and valuable than the protocol itself and here VALUE has that chance to craete VALUE in entire DEFI SPACE and enrich the VALUE protocol by implementing VALUE LIQUID X for XDAI. VALUE LIQUID X is a name that I would like to give it once implemented and if this happened I will be honoured.

In next phase of development we can fork the XDAI chain and can replace it with VUSD. Which will boost the protocol significantly and can invite the centralised exchanges to provide liquidity and become the validators in next phase, the value locked in CEX and 0.3 % trading volume, I dont think any exchange will say no to this opportunity.

The Patriot