My rewards in the wETH vault are no longer displaying after depositing additional funds... has this happened to anyone else?

As in, I had accumulated wETH and VALUE from an initial deposit of wETH and just now after I added additional wETH to the vault I no longer see those rewards. They reset to 0.

I’m aware the vault says “the countdown will reset every time you deposit” but I am no longer able to see/access/withdraw the wETH rewards. Whereas the VALUE was added to my metamask, the wETH is unaccounted for.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Same here, I had the exact same thing happened.
All was going well a few days into my first deposit.
24 hours after second deposit I stopped receiving WETH rewards.

My WETH rewards in the Value Vaults is working again.

It seems they only stopped for 24hours.