New logo. Community competition

Let’s do a community completion to create a better and more exciting logo than the one we already have.


This idea is cool, let us discuss how to do it

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I agree that a more original logo is necessary.

Rough idea sketch

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Thought a tractor would be an awesome symbol.
Plus this has a moon incorporated into the picture so it’s double awesome. :crescent_moon: :tractor:

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Needs to be simple the sign above is more on the right lines, kind of like sigil.


Something professional and mainstream would probably work better for long-term growth and strategy.

Any rewards for the winner? :slightly_smiling_face:

I like it a lot. I think something along this would be great.

Nice, very very nice

My hand drawn idea for the logo. It incorporates YFV and looks almost similar to a currency symbol.

If you can illustrate it or digitalize it feel free !



I really really like it!!!

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Nicely done. Really liking this sketch.

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Proposals , transparent background, white V slash 1, white V slash 2


ohh I’m loving this look!

Can you make a version of Rwine hand drawn one. The simpler the better I think, I do like how you’ve made it look like a money sign tho

What do you mean Rwine hand’s down? You mean a curve or something ?

Here’s a few, there’s a load more in the discord under marketing too!



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I’d be willing to spend my own money to come back with 3 logos from a graphic designer and the community can vote on it. Is there interest in this? I want something that looks professionally done.