No closing pools too soon

The community proposed to close and replace pools and it did nothing but cause us to lose 100 mil in TVL. I believe this is due to moving too fast too soon. There should be some consistency and stability for farmers/stakers especially with this being a new project. The community made the wrong decision to propose for the closing of pools. Also, I believe those kind of changes should be minimal because nobody wants to pay fees and move there funds elsewhere.

In the future I believe it would be better to add new pools before closing existing pools. At least have the new pool set up first and have the old pool close a week later. This would be better so there is no big dip in TVL.


People moving out, because they are in for APY.

People who stay, is what creates a loyal community. As stronger the loyalty, as stronger our foundation.

Now we lose 100 million.
Later, thanks to our strong foundation, we gain 1 billion.

Yfv has been around for weeks, we should focus on the ones stay with us, not the ones leaving.

Don’t you invest for APY? I thought that was the whole point of investing. You build strong foundations by managing investor funds effectively and efficiently to maximize APY. As the original poster correctly observed if you instead mess people around and cost them money rather than make money then people leave.

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The TVL drop I am referring to was caused during the closing/adding of new pools. Before that we had a TVL over 450 mil. So I believe in the future it would be best to leave pools alone and let it grow and give farmers/stakers some stability and consistency seeing that this is a new project. The community made the wrong decision to propose to close pools and replace them so soon.

I come from the private equity (Zürich, CH).
My experience is, that APY is insane high, no matter if Stable or Vault. People leaving, are the ones in purely for APY. You need a few of them, but you need more people in for the bigger image.

APY is above everything investors dreamed of anyway. Got already a few in, they like APY, but they love the vision and mission. They locked their funds for 2 years. As I suggested them and therefore I tell you, forget the ones leaving. Focus on the ones who believe in our why, not only the what (APY).

Best to you.

Not sure this makes much sense. Private equity just like any other investment is still looking for a return. Time frames will vary across investment strategies and approaches but when it comes down to it everyone is still going to look at ROI, which guess what can be expressed as an APY!

A venture capitalist may be prepared to wait 10 years to cash out their investment but then they will be looking for 1000%+ on their original investment, which equates to ~100% APY per year.

If YFV’s vision is not to give investors a good return, what on earth is it?!

I agree, still we talk about a new project. There is not enough data for now, to make conclusions on why TVL is going down. We need to focus on the ones with us, not the ones leaving.

Yfv needs a real branding, putting vision and value into the center of attention and grow a loyal community.

I think this is also cause of UNI. Alot of projects have their TVL dropped and move into UNI. Once vault and liquid value open, we should see the TVL increases.

There is enough data. I was here and seen the TVL drop when the pools were removed. And when the new pools were in place the TVL did not go to where it was.

That could of played a role somewhat as well.

I’m extremely upset how many in the community have attacked farmers and accused us of “dumping” without any proof of this whatsoever. Many speculators bought into these tokens and when the price didn’t continue to rise, they dumped. Myself as a farmer didn’t dump until I was forced to move my tokens to the next pool. The only reason I did that was to pay for the cost of gas of doing this, which I still feel like I lost money due to the gas prices alone. It’s hard to have a healthy community when one side is attacking/blaming the other without any evidence. I’m wondering if the community would be willing to reimburse those of us who had to move all of our farms with these high gas prices. I had to move 3 farms with one being completely shut down. Nobody in this community is addressing this and I’m happy you touched on it a little bit. I was seriously thinking about leaving this project all together because I’m currently down due to gas alone. What happens when the “community” decides to make another decision that hurts us again? Who did this move help??? As I see it now, it definitely didn’t help me and I’m sure others feel the same way.

If every business, investment firm etc thought like this… they’d go out of business. Just telling people to take a hike if they don’t like what’s happening is the wrong attitude to have. There are plenty of DeFi projects out here with stability. People want stability with their investments. Being asked to pay MORE in gas, just because a few made a terrible decision is the wrong way to do business. I can guarantee you that nobody is doing this to shell out more gas fees for no apparent reason. Out of all times to do this, they did this when Uniswap decided to drop their token which caused us to pay even higher gas fees. Some people here that have been quiet are starting to feel frustrated from this. Instead of brushing them off as if they don’t matter, why not listen to the concerns that IMO are extremely legitimate.

I never considered that the pools closed, almost same time UniSwap started with UNI… Mhhh, VaDeRtRaDeR82 you have good points.

But as I see the work inside yfv, I still have to strong believe. Apart from all I never invest amounts that I would be fine to risk. Its just money at the end of the day, I was already homeless and made it back on my feet, I see this all as a extremely high risk investment.

We do not even know shit about the founder and the people we trust our assets. Its all a mind set fuck too. Get some rest, breath deep.

Either they deliver or they dont.
Whatever happens, your life should not be effected negatively by the result of a defi project, one month old, in a space that 99% of the world is not aware it even exists.

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