Non-inflationary yield farming YFV

$CORE Non-inflationary yield farming is a good idea! We are study how to add its features to $YFV, I bet this will make YFV explode . We try this


your grammar is not great and makes out we are trying to copy them which they are not, just to clarify on this for other readers.

I clearly understand what he meant to say.

Hi everyone. I’m leaving with the little that’s left. I don’t see you guys turning this train wreck around.
Who wants to hold value which has no value? People are dumping the coin as soon they get some.

I gues is a very good idear for us to use the same method if not all but we can take little idear from idear an add it to our development.

We are exploring the ideas of locking extra VALUE to boost the yield. It may not the extreme one like CORE to lock the liquidity forever.