ParJar Wallet "Swap with ValueLiquid" Integration!

Hey guys! I was just looking at Sentivate partners, and then saw Parachute, then I digged into it.
I suggest to consider a partnership with them soon! Their telegram wallet is cool ( and you can buy/sell with credit card but what is most important they swap tokens with uniswap integration currently! You could suggest to integrate them with ValueLiquid and save fees! This will provide us with additional liquidity! Have a look at their bot @parjar_bot, “Swap” function! We could integrate right there and easily have additional liquidity for our exchange in a glance, and let more people get in touch with our system! Their current motto is “Swap tokens on Uniswap in a click.”… “Uniswap on your telegram”… It can become “ADD VALUE TO YOUR TELEGRAM”!!!
We can add a 50/50 VALUE/PAR pool too!!!

ParJar Wallet is a product of Parachute (

The future of DeFi in the palm of your hand.

With 40,000 users and 1,600,000 payments, we’re making the world of DeFi work for everyone.

Instant global payments + DeFi 2.0

Join 40,000 people using Parachute


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: MUCH LOVE TO OUR VALUE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you connect with Parjar team? @Eric

Yes I am connected with them on telegram.

ParJar Telegram Wallet:
h t t p s://
Telegram: h t t p s://

Product by: Parachute (PAR)
h t t p s://
Telegram: h t t p s://

Their idea is damn good, have a look at their wallet starting from the site, “future of defi in the palm of your hand”, “40.000 users 1.600.000 payments”, “Instant global payments for DeFi 2.0”… “the crypto wallet that lives in your telegram”…“Swap tokens on Uniswap/ValueLiquid in a click”…“Buy/Sell/Send/Swap/Stake!”… “Uniswap/VALUE on Telegram, at your fingertips”…

All of this is mindblowing!

I dont wanna add too much meat on the fire right now but i think this could definitely be added to the pipeline for the next future…
Imagine all the liquidity coming from telegram wallet adoption/usage, with a strong marketing.

Ofc we should add also a VALUE/PAR 50/50 Pool as well!

From what I have understood looking into Sentivate Community group, they respect a lot ParJar…
So if we doing very good now with new pools and current things being delivered, integrating with ParJar will be a WinWin imho!

—> I will surely check about their Audits first!

I think this and integrating/partnering with Metamask’s upcoming swap function/linking would be a huge step forward. make it so easy to get to Value Liquid and people will use it and start to adopt it. we may even want to vote to lower swap fees to create further incentive and compete against Uniswap and others down the road.