Problem with "transfer to farm new VALUE pool" [SOLVED/UPDATED]

Hey everyone,
I just finished moving assets from the BTC legacy pool to the new VALUE pool and I’m a little confused.

The “transfer to farm new VALUE pool” button also says “Include claiming rewards”. I take this to mean that whatever unclaimed YFV is hanging around in your wallet at the time of migration will either be claimed and added to your wallet. OR (I’m thinking this part is unlikely) that the unclaimed YFV will somehow be converted into BPT and staked in the new pool.

Well neither seems to have happened to me. There is a zero balance of YFV in my wallet (I should have been able to claim 37) and the BPT staked in the new pool is the exact same number as when I was staking in the legacy pool. WTF? (ps: I also added the VALUE contract address to my wallet in the desperate hope that maybe they’d been converted to that – nope zippo there too)

As I am writing this the countdown clock on the BTC legacy pool says: 2 days 04:25:06

For a while, there were also other stats on the page, APY etc., but those disappeared and all that was left was the countdown clock and how many BPT you’re currently farming. No mention of unclaimed YFV.

Have I missed something here? Why have I somehow forfeited my unclaimed YFV? I also have funds in the legacy LINK pool and it appears to be a similar situation. I’ll say this, if I have lost those tokens, I sure as aint farming this project anymore. Even a current YFV prices

Is anyone else in this same boat? Has anyone had any success contacting the devs directly to solve problems like this – or do we have to hack the contract to get their attention?

Any help greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: from the FAQ on Discord:

  • Why are my rewards from the Legacy pools gone?
    The team drained all the rewards that were left unclaimed in the old legacy pools.
    Due to people staying in the pools, these pools kept running and minted and emitted 1% of the normal emission.
    Closing the pools would mean all funds were unable to be withdrawed.

The team had found a way to solve this by draining the rewards and no longer letting the legacy pools to be able to mint.
This was done to allow them to leave the pools open past the original oct 1 cutoff.
Now nobody will be at risk of losing their liquidity because they accidentally didn’t claim it before that date.

This was a good move, but it required them to remove all YFV from the pools and move it to the insurance fund (which is under control of multisig).
From looking at the contract they wrote to do this, it looks like they took snapshots of the earners unclaimed balances and will pay them out at a later time.
Those rewards should be claimable - you rightly earned them. But no quotes on how this will be managed yet/when.

AS A FINAL NOTE: It sure would be nice if these kinds of not-so-minor details were actually explained somewhere handy – say on the page where one stakes and unstakes their hard-earned money. Devs, please understand when it comes to providing a platform that people are going to be entrusting to you hundreds of millions of dollars, MORE INFORMATION always wins out over less.



Yup , same happened to me. Came here to find out if anyone else in same boat or posts on it. Anyone know when the rewards will be sent. I presume they will just drop in wallets ?


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