Proposal to add HBTC pool

Hi Community,

HBTC has enabled users to seamlessly access decentralized protocols such as Uniswap, Curve, Nest, CoFix, and ForTube. And its growing use cases prove that the value has been recognized by the market. I am here to submit a proposal for adding HBTC Pool.


Category: Cross-chain assets
Backed by: BTC, 1:1 ratio
Audit: slow mist
Year of Issuance:2020

To ensure the 1:1 backing is maintained, the amount of HBTC issued and BTC reserved and relevant records are open and transparent. All activities can be checked here: [ ]

HBTC Liquidity Venues

Centralized Exchanges: Huobi Global. Users can choose HBTC when withdrawing their BTC.
Decentralized Exchanges: Curve, Uniswap.
Protocols Connected: By now, HBTC has been connected to key DeFi protocols like Curve, NEST, CoFiX, Uniswap, Harvest, ForTube, and YFII. And many other high-quality smart contracts, including AAVE, dYdX and MakerDao, are in negotiation.

DeFi Cases

  • CoFiX Mining with HBTC
  • HBTC and HFIL supported in Fortube
  • HBTC pool is available on Curve since Sep 10th and liquidity providers can then deposit HBTC there to earn trading fee reward and CRV reward. Very high APY now!
  • NEST’s Oracle currently support HBTC. Users can quote and gain nTokens on it.

Marketcap Ranking

HBTC: ≈ $117M marketcap


  • 100% Reserve: Make sure that the amount of mortgage BTC is always greater than the number of HBTC
  • More users from Asia for Value. As HBTC gets more users in Asia market, this will bring new users for Value if it is supported

Risks & Weekness

  • HBTC is not well-know as WBTC in western countries

Let’s discuss and see if there are questions or concerns about HBTC on-borading.