Proposal to bring VALUE to Value token by offering CORE-style tokenomics

It seems that smart money is migrating into non-inflationary yield farming, like Core. Others are getting smart and adding vaults for this, causing their value to moon within hours. Given there are so many bag holders and we want to lower supply, I propose that we open a locked vault specifically for non-inflationary yield farming. The hype would be crazy and the value of our tokens would literally MOON while SUPPLY LOWERS overnight.

This is the next phase of farming. We are literally watching it happen as we speak with Core and now Nyan and XFI. Look at their green candles. If we can’t compete, there is no incentive, and buyers will flock to others who are. Let’s bring the smart money. Let’s not get left behind. Let’s bring value to VALUE.

There’s no reason the name of our token shouldn’t be synonymous to what it offers.


agree 100%, Value already have profitable business - Vaults, Liquid DEX. We can transform into deflationary model and finally reward investors in Value project!


Agreed with you. I think this can be implement with the government vault 2.

I’m not sure if the Core tokenomics is correctly explained in this proposal. Here is how Core explains it’s tokenomics structure.

I am not sure we should do something just to increase price short term. It is still yet to be seen if Core can sustain the growth on this model.

We are exploring the ideas of locking extra VALUE to boost the yield. It may not the extreme one like CORE to lock the liquidity forever.


Nice to hear that you are exploring the possibilities. Looking forward to a new proposal :slight_smile: