Staking Lock when adding to staked amount

I apologize if this has been mentioned prior to now. When adding to my staked amount (Example: I’m staking 1000 and choose to add 100 more YFV to the GOV Vault) The 2 day time lock starts over. This really isnt an issue unless I’m adding more to my staked amount regularly. Has this been examined and found to be the best course of action?

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sounds about right, if you get them to add variables and change the lock % wise to how much you had and how much more you are adding against the time already locked in your potentially overcomplicating it at which point exploits are more prevalent.

I agree with that. I’m all for simplifying. Its a lot easier for me to time adding to my amounts properly than it is to code something that fits all situations. Was more for my own reference than anything.

Luckily it’s buckle down and HODL time for YFV but eventually it would be nice to not have everything lock every time.