Staking Pool V2 vs Governance Vault

New to YFV and quick question regarding the conversion process from the Staking Pool V2 to the new Governance Vault. I haven’t staked yet (but would like to) and am trying to figure out if I should wait till the Governance vault gets released in a few days or stake now on Staking Pool V2 and then transfer…but I can’t find any information on the conversion process in terms of gas costs, etc.

Same Question Here … Up Up …

I am sure the team is working on an answer, so just let us wait.
As I am heavily spending time in the Channel, I see everybody is FULL ON and everything will be ok, I am sure :wink:

from what i can tell the v2 pool will be for staking your liquidity tokens just like you use your LINK to get BPT then stake it on the YFV interface, i assume that will be what the staking pool is for, the question is will providing liquidity and staking it be more profitable than putting it into the governance vault.