Suggestion: Do some planning

I think there is a significant issue around YFV product-market fit right now. The extreme ad-hoc nature through which everything is progressing forcing users to frequently farm/unfarm/migrate/etc. incurring huge gas fees rather than provide pools that can operate in more of a fire-and-forget mode is very disappointing. A bit of proper research and planning would have prevented so many of these things (e.g. voting on a pool that wasn’t even allowed, burning keys that blocked upgrades, etc.).

I appreciate this is a fast moving market but for example, why isn’t there a contract to enable migration to the new pools? We need to incur the gas of exiting only to go back in. These are all hurdles.


Yes agreed. Just wanted to place some YFV into GVAULT and had to pay US $ 2000,- Gas Fee. That’s insane. Who would do that.
Please guys think it all througl before you do something. Not only from the technical perspective.
And please NO Inflation of Tokens


It seems the dev/marketing fund is lucky enough not too have sustained as much trauma as some others, DEVS could we use some of that fund to possibly hire Andre C to consult to help with ironing out some wrinkles and possibly bringing a little YEarn spark into our flickering YFV? considering how deep I personally am already in I have no problems forgoing epoch rewards for a round as I am sure many others would justifiably do.

IMO, high gas prices is more an opportunity than a concern for #YF, the reason is that it is not affordable anymore for most people to invest small amounts of token even if they have enough technical skills to have their own strategy. So time comes for DeFi to play their role like an investment bank

I under stand what you mean. I don’t understand what you mean with small amounts. If you would invest something like 20000 US that gas price is 10%. No ordinary bank has ever taken such high fees. More than 1% for fees is unacceptable. I should go and mine Ethereum or exchange everything to Ether as long as there is something to exchange. .( That’s where all the money goes . Ether up 7% -YFV down 24% ). That would really make sense. I will be surprised and happy if YFv survives. The first Reason to invest Is SAFETY. The second reason to invest is Safety. The third reason to invest is to ad value. Everything else is gambling.
Good luck everyone. I wiil shut my machine of and go keep my nerves in good shape.

The reason that vaults like Yearn are successful is that you can invest your funds and leave them to get on with growing. You don’t need to keep harvesting, moving, swapping and generally messing around which consumes vast amounts of gas and unless you are investing huge sums rapidly eats into the gains. Establish a vision, plan it, implement it and stick to it - at least for a decent period of time.


That’s right. Could not agree more.