The designers of the YFV project, can you give me a suggestion, what should I do now?

I have always believed in the YFV project and have always supported the development of YFV. However, the price of YFV has been falling, but the project has not done anything. Please give me a suggestion. Thank you.

??? There are plenty of development happened and more to come. I’m not sure what else you want? yes the price went down but developments keep on processing. Could be the market, could be stock, could be the whale manipulating it, or it could be due to UNI fucking everything up… One thing for sure is the Devs is doing some amazing works for the project. I don’t think its fair to blame them for the price.

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Just don’t sell anything at this point. Things will turn around .
For the devs: If you believe in your own project , make an announcement that you are buying YFV with all you have. That would turn it around. There are no wales selling. Look at the volume.

One more thing and please don’t take it as an offense. The techs are really doing a good job as far as I can see that. But that’s only half of the job you guys need to do. I can see that you are sitting in a geeky bubble.
You can not blame the market ,UNI rtc. You are not playing buy the rules!!! It means you want to be a nice fish in a shark tank. The new defi space is Pure route capitalism . Wake up!!! What is missing here is trust in your project. What is needed is a Lead by the team. You can not play capitalism with a socialistic manner. The projekt is your baby. Take the lead in real life.
My suggestion is: Take a day off from your technical work and go into a retreat with the whole team and put your own money ( personally on the table ) That will not only gain trust. In time it might make you rich.

hope you think about it

thanks for listening

good luck anyway

Dev funds are in Gov Vault along side us investors. They vest over 50 weeks and are directly aligned with our success. They are motivated and their money is already personally on the table. There is another suggestion to hire/add marketing/pr help to the team to improve overall communications and project perception. Please support that idea as this is critical to the success of the project.