Token distribution

HI Devs
What if you would airdrop all remaining 700000 Token to stakers all at once one time???
I would assume inflation would stop immediately . You would have to buy for further distribution in the open market which would increase demand and price.

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I’m sorry but that is completely absurd, there is a reward emission schedule that has been released already. That could also cause the biggest market dump ever.

there is way to much supply already. People are talking and waiting about and for the end of tolken distibution. You would just shorten the waiting time. If you distibute to stakers ( vaults) people would want to add those extra token to existing stakes in anticipation of rising token price. People are dumping coins right now instead of staking because there is no reason for a rising value price. If this goes on much longer there is no trust in the coin left at some point. The coin is not even in the charts anymore.
I really hope I’m wrong. But I have seen this kind of decline often over the yaers. At one point it doesn’t matter any more how good the tech is, even if it is outstanding. May be people would start staking like crazy in order to get the extra rewards.

his idea is interesting, what do people hold crypto tokens for in the first place other than shares in a company, the current inflation could be what is preventing more buying in the first place, also coingecko incorrectly listing our mcap could finally be dealt with for once and for all and from there on its buyback which would reward more value to gov stakers, it also shows the project is giving a solid reward for current stakers and we can move on to focus on vUSD/vETH FAAS and value liquid and any new things coming, inflation ending could be just the thing and giving it to current stakers could work well, thats my opinion anyway.

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Let’s do it. Especially if it creates a demand. I’m just concerned with it being too much at once. What if you broke it into 3 distributions which would create more hype?

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I think that would work too. There will be a sell off at some point. But when the price is on the way up many would want to stack and compound. I’m not concerned . rising price would attract more money. Some would flow into other vaults and pools create more fees and so on. And besides where should the price go to the downside. We lost already 95% from the top. If you guys remember the rising Bitcoin price in 2017. Big part of it was the upcoming Bitcoin Forks ( extra coins BCH ). That’s kind of the same situation.
The difference to 2017 is we are now at the beginning of a cycle. We just need a kick start.