Tokenomics / Value creation

First of all congrats on the migration and rebrand it really looks amazing. I would like to open a discussion around the “Value” that is NOT being created for holders of the value token. The price has dropped 95%, the Underlying token model does not give holders any incentive to hold it.

I am aware that VValuts will provide buybacks @ 6.75%, 0.05% of the trading fee will be used for buybacks and Value will be used to farm other protocols to buyback Value. This, as it currently stands is just not enough IMO for a trend change.

We would like to see more effort from “VALUE” on creating actual value for its holders and not just farmers that, quite frankly, market dump.

It goes against the whole crypto ethos, It doesn’t make any sense? We get out of fiat to invest in new protocols/coins with low inflation. With Value, right now I might as well hold the Argentine peso instead.

This really does need to be addressed, like now, you can see other protocols recently that have created innovative tokenomic ideas and you clearly have the talent to make it happen technically.

If you need help from the community, create the job posts. Anyone active in DeFi can see the recent protocols like $CORE. Combining this model and buybacks outlined above could be a step in the right direction.