Value cap adjustment

I noticed that the buy-back Value (VIP-4) for burning did not decrease the cap of VALUE. It means adminkey holder can mint those burnt token again.

Since we will cut off the connection between YFV and value, we can simply adjust the cap.

We should set up a new cap as follows:

new cap = old cap - unmigrated YFV amount - burnt amount - adjustment constant

adjustment constant is used to ensure that the total supply is integer (which may be benefit to marketing)

yep this needs to have full clarity for a solid bounce back, also coingecko now displays our mcap but its calculated wrong due to supply issues, looks like its going off circulating supply x price, so to everybody who isnt in the know it looks like there is 3.58m value yet to be farmed which is wrong and our mcap is 10m less than it is for value alone, i guess once yfv deadline ends all the peices of the puzzle will come together for others outside of our community.