vETH and vUSD explained

can someone please explain vETH and vUSD, i cannot see either anywhere on coingecko or otherwise, can people explain please


Introducing vUSD and vETH

A great add-on for YFV farmers is the creation of 2 new tokens with elastic supply called vUSD and vETH. This is an experimental protocol mashing up the current most exciting innovations in the DeFi world. Following Ampleforth elastic supply models, vUSD and vETH will expand and contract supply in response to market conditions, to target 1 USD per vUSD and 1 ETH per vETH.

vUSD and vETH will be used in the whole ecosystem, in the subsequent step of the road map, to set up Vault, pay rewards, stake etc….

There will be a total of 1,000,000 vUSD and 1000 vETH distributed to all pools according to their percentage. When farmers harvest YFV, vUSD and vETH will be harvested at the same rate as well.

After all the pools have been exhausted, vUSD and vETH will use an oracle price feed as determined by the governance of YFV. The rebase will use the UniswapV2_VUSD+YCRVUSD Liquidity Pool and UniswapV2_vETH +YCRvETH Liquidity Pool as the oracle for the price with a target of 1USD = vUSD and 1ETH = vETH.

In addition, rebase events occur once every 24 hours.

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