VIP 6 Vote Forced removal of BAL

I am invested in two pools. BAL and KNC. The VIP 6 vote seemed like less of a vote to remove BAL, more like a forced removal. We have voting abilities, but we do not choose the substance to vote on. Listing 4 stable coins and 7 other tokens was a soft way of saying they’re eliminating a Value Liquid future competitor, in my opinion. I am sad to see this pool leave, as this vote ends in 3hrs and even though it’s holding a high % of votes, it won’t meet the top 4 requirement to remain.

I’d rather have a straight vote to remove it or not, or have the Team tell us the real motive to force out the platform token that we’re currently pooled on.

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I agree with the main point here. If it’s stable coins I want to farm I might as well go to Curve or Swerve. One of the attractions of YFV is that it supports a good set of core DeFI assets. Removing BAL takes away a good differentiator for YFV.


i agree with all your points here, but also let us assess which pools are MOST profitable? guess what???

I agree, I have bought balancer only for farming YFV, and now it’s being forcibly removed…we did not choose this voting criteria

And since USDT pool is not going ahead now makes even less sense. Almost makes more sense to add a UNI pool but I am sure that will come up soon enough…