Vote for Pools Inflation Rate

Voting for each pool is only available to the YFV Farmers of that pool. Voting will also use your voting power on that pool, which is a combination of percentage of the pool and the length of time that you has staked so far.

  • So please note that you still can vote even if you have already unstaked.
  • if you just only started farming, even if you hold a significant percentage of the pool, your vote might not have as large of an effect.

Please also note that:

  • You can only vote once per week per pool. So please consider carefully before casting your vote.
  • If no one votes, the distribution rate will be unchanged.
  • Only top 50 highest voting-power farmers’ votes will be counted. If there’s already 50 votes and your voting-power is lower than those voted, you can’t vote anymore.

Step 1: Go to Connect your wallet if you have not done so. And go to “Vote” page, choose “Voting” tab.

Step 2: Click on the Pool that you want to vote. If you have not started farming the chosen pool yet, you will see “This account is not voteable”. Else you shall see the voting option.

Step 3: drag at the bar to choose the reduce or increase that you’d like to vote for. and click Vote.
Please note the smaller number reduce the inflation rate and vice versa. For example, 0.5 means next week’s rewards of the pool will reduce to half of current rewards, while 2 means next week’s rewards will double the current week’s rewards.

That’s it. Enjoy voting.

Hi, why are we not including other pools? I have been in REN since the very beginning and would be valuable to have the possibility to increase that one as well.

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must be 0.5 please!!

Must ALL BE 0.4 at least to limit dumping

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Vote down all pool inflation rates to as low as possible - high inflation rate is going to encourage farm & dumps. For the long term good of the YFV ecosystem, please keep inflation low.

I’ve voted for 0.2. A low inflation rate while other products are being developed is good for the long term sustainability of the project which is how this whole thing is designed to be.

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Voted for 0.4, even though I just got started farming in YFV. Increasing the supply too fast is never good for long term.

voted for 0.2 as well, to minimize constant dumping pressure from the whales.
Can only vote for WETH pool, I see that REN and BAT pool has 0 voters and I cannot vote for them.