WETH Vault deposit - defaults to a Max gas setting of 11,880,617?

Hi Compadres,

Some help would be much appreciated.

Since the Weth Vault launched yesterday, I have been trying to make a deposit (before the Vault reached its cap). When I approve the deposit, metamask starts a second transaction (deposit), asking me to pay more than 2eth in gas fees. Tried again today, same thing happened. It’s defaulting to a gas setting of 11,880,617 Gas… That’s about 2.3 eth at current prices? This can’t be right? I’ve spent $1000’s of dollars in gas, never have I had to pay 2 eth to deposit into a vault? I would prefer not to have a transaction fail to go through. I checked the deposit address of the Vault 0x95beAeb2701736dd9BF1930d569231E78ca386eC are not having to pay this gas amount… When I lower the max gas amount, from 11mill I get a “ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.”

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Hi. just a query on weth. I put my funds there and found all missing yesterday. How can I reterive it . This is weth in yfv.io

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