Why does YFV have a 0 trust score on Unicrypt?

I’m unsure what contributes to a trust score on Unicrypt, but I’m sure it mainly has to do with locking liquidity.

Has the Devs for this project locked liquidity and their funds yet?

I am very keen on a little more info from the devs as to what steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all our funds, it is a very stressful time for all and being as though we as stakeholders are to “Govern” YFV, I can’t help but feel we need some transparency and more feedback from the DEVS.

Please DEVS provide the measures taken to guard us all and ensure the safety of our community’s funds?

I hate feeling like a mushroom as I am sure all of us do.

they are pretty busy right now why dont you hire someone qualified to read the smart contracts for you then you can litrally see for yourselves…they are doing some pretty important core stuff right now so, you should do your research before you buy but you havnt made a wrong move getting yfv.

I understand they are busy, and I appreciate their work, howerver I “literally” believe transparency for us non whales and ease of use is what YFV is marketed as, hence my suggestion.

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update: the devs dont hold any funds and started farming when everyone else did.

hence why liquidity cant be locked + unicrypt score is 0.

I guess its a good thing.

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