YFV need to mirror a centralized business model similar to Bitgo

YFV need to mirror a centralized business model similar to Bitgo. Bitgo’s revenue comes from their customer’s trading activity, borrow and lending, insurance, custody. I think options and derivatives are also a growing market.

  1. Design a Dex where holders of the token make the spread on the exchange, this can be paid in Weth/wbtc according to your stake, or the revenue is sent to buy YFV which is distributed to stakers or burnt.

  2. Provide wrapping services for other major coins and communities

  3. Vaults, design an interface like uni swap for mass staking assets which can be used for borrow and lending where users can adjust risk. For example, new onchain option and derivative markets are opening soon. Users can adjust risk and funds will be placed in yield providing investments, not just farming opportunities.

  4. Reduce the supply, it’s quite clear that the community is concerned with inflation.

  5. Create insurance pools, where stakers get the premium paid to them in YFV, which is distributed to stakers or burnt.

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Do we know what our current strategy is?

YFI is very transparent with this and it is easy to find.

Funny I posted this and then boom, YFV creating an exchange.

@PPVINC What you do you mean? YFI

Kindly do not take it wrong, but BitGo business model is not to trade or to be an exchange, it is to provide custodian functionnalities, as described in that page :wink: https://www.bitgo.com/services/custody/wallet-platform/

YFI has a breakdown of the vault process and distribution of funds that in turn brings the magic millions.

Borrow and Lending https://www.bitgo.com/services/prime/prime-lending/
“Settlement network” https://www.bitgo.com/services/prime/settlement/