YFV - Rescue Funds & v2 POOL


I think it would be really unfair to us, the YFV holders to launch a YFV v2 POOL before our funds are released. It is a disadvantage so I would like to recommend to hold the launch of v2 POOL until we all get our funds back and all can stake at the same time.



agree with this.
theres another proposal to give extra to people locked in the pool. I dont think this is needed as the extra apy from other getting out is the bonus. But to wait for refunds would be good.

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Well this works both ways… don’t forget that anyone who bought YFV over the last few days couldn’t do anything with it - they may even have bought expecting to be able to farm on Friday but that then got pushed back to Sunday so they were further inconvenienced and the price did drop based on that… so if they still held they deserve to be rewarded imo. Another delay would be further punishment for them. Obviously it would be great for pool 0 YFV holders if there were a delay until all funds are recovered but you can’t set two deadlines and break them both on new YFV holders all because you effectively want to dilute their rewards, what sort of message does that send or trust does that build?

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The current launch date is perfect.
I have YFV locked in the frozen staking farm, but I’m also farming more now.
I’m ok with this.
We should not delay this

Me too, I am fine staying in the V1 pool as the Devs proposed. I intendend to lock the funds anyway in this pool before the incident. Anyway,I am here for the long run. I will vote for option B in the upcooming proposal. Does anybody knows how the off chain voting will work?

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I imagine you will need to sign your vote using your wallet without actually sending your transaction.

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