YFV team communications are lacking

Hi YFV team,

I think I speak for myself and the majority YFV holders that we are very concerned about the way communications are being done by the YFV team.

Please employ someone who can give regular updates to the community and stick to promises.



I am user 'Prod" in discord, and I am active in there everyday trying to help clear up as much Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt as possible. I asked to have permission to start an Official Community Twitter for YFValue for times like these, were FUD is at its peak. I’m sure it was missed, or could have been dismissed, but communication when key launches are being delayed are detrimental. I understand the team is busy, so why not let another devoted community member take significant load off by keeping in-touch with YFV holders. Helping everyone involved. DeFi is full of uncertainty, and when the team is quiet, especially after delays, it cause people to run. I hope to change that, but there’s only so much I can do replying to questions in Discord.


we should really do our part, and @admins should support the community effort to self-organize

the roadmap is set, the project is young and not being hype clown rushed which is a good thing for me as a long term investor, the track record of the devs is good on any arrising issues, the inflation rate by farmers over holders has been addressed it is now worth holding your YFV and there is alot more to come regarding that increasing even more and more functions ontop of that.


They are giving updates almost every day. That’s more than enough for me.


dev do the supporting