YFV to Value swap

if supply of YFV is 4mln, while Value supply is 2.3mln, how it can be ultimately swapped 1:1, what will happen to the rest of 1.7mln YFV?

total would be 6.3 mln

From the Medium article: https://medium.com/@yfv.finance/roadmap-update-value-contract-governance-vault-e226ad2f909e

“From this vote, the total supply of all VALUE, after full YFV -> VALUE conversion, will be approximately 6.37M.”

So once again, it seems the team is interpreting the voting results to mean something completely different than how the question was worded. “Max total supply” means the maximum total supply – period. It doesn’t mean ‘max extra supply when added to the existing supply of YFV’.

I’m not happy at all about how things are going. First the Buy-and-burn was cancelled and now this. The large token supply is a serious problem.

How in the world is 6 million tokens considered a “large supply” nowadays??? It’s too many projects trying to imitate YFI and it honestly isn’t a good look when projects attempt to do this. Anytime I hear people bring up token supply, all I hear after that is greed. The token supply isn’t the problem, the people constantly complaining about it is the problem. If you want a 30,000 token supply, nobody is stopping you from going to YFI. That’s clearly not happening here, so can we move on from the issue??? I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to lose more money because the community keeps changing things after a couple weeks of things not going their way.

its not about large or small, yfv and value supplies are not equal, how they are going to be swapped 1:1?

If the desired max supply is 2.3M and there is already 4M YFV in circulation, obviously a 1:1 swap isn’t possible. For those that want a 2.3M cap the only way to arrive at that is through buyback/burn. Draft up a VIP if that’s what you want. I just read a tweet somewhere that CREAM just burned something like 67% of their supply.